The Cast

Tom Hatfield

Tom photoTom has been writing games journalism professionally for almost four years, making him a grizzled veteran in this profession. This explains why he is so cold and dead inside.

Jordan Erica Webber

Cara photo
Jordan Erica Webber writes for newspapers, magazines, and the World Wide Web. She also talks on camera, on the radio and podcasts, and pretty much just never shuts up.

Phillipa Warr

Pip photoPip used to be a fashion journalist before getting into games writing, which may explain why she’s spent the GDP of a small country on Dota hats. She collects a souvenir from every person she kills. And in the game.

Cara Ellison

Cara photoInternational woman of mystery Cara helped found the podcast before embarking on a jet setting journey to see the couches of developers across the world. She is responsible for 90% of the smutty jokes on the podcast.

Craig Lager

Craig photoRetired games journalist Craig is PC gaming’s kingmaker in chief, mentoring half the PC game journos in the world through his amateur blog: Gaming Daily. He loves cars and hates fun.